Caregiving Basics

It is possible to care for your loved one while living well. Being a caregiver is a large time and lifestyle commitment, and requires a focused commitment to change your mind set and lifestyle. In the first of our Sustainable Caring workshop series, we’ll dive into the following:

  1. Mental health – what is mental health, depression, and anxiety, treatment options, and how does mental illness impact someone who’s struggling.
  2. Caregiving essentials – understand what your core responsibilities as a caregiver are, common pitfalls, tips, and tricks
  3. Carer health – build basic strategies to keep yourself healthy while caring for your loved one

About the presenter:
Joel Rosenberg, is a doctorate of Psychology with 20 years experience in private practice. He has a fellowship and post-doc experience across Harvard Medical School’s teaching hospitals, and specializes in mood disorders and family counselling.

Lunch will be provided. If you have any food sensitivities, please email us at


DATE: April 29, 2018
TIME: 9:30AM
LOCATION: London, Ontario


LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario

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